Label Hiatus

It is the label's 6th birthday. We have been in continuous activity for a few years now, with new releases almost every month. But... things have slowed down in the vocalosphere, haven't they? Maybe I'm not seeing it anymore, but there seems to be a lack of new material and producers. In order to keep releasing at the highest standards, I think it's time to take a break. Let's wait until 2020 and see if something interesting pops up. I'll keep you guys updated.

Groupees Bundle

This music bundle contains several albums and singles from our catalogue, as well as a IA plushie for the highest donation! Simply go to Groupees and buy it there. Thanks for your support! Note: this offer is limited to the next 2 weeks.

Full Discography

From now until Christmas, grab every release on our label + Nata for $85.75, only on Bandcamp.

The Grand Scale of Things

Here's a fun exercise: if every release (117 so far) represents a symbolic 24 hours of work (often more), that means 2808 hours altogether. Adding however many more from NATA and administration, the sum total is some 3000-4000 hours put into Vocallective. The grand scale of things is impressive; the word "monument" comes to mind!

Demo Submissions

You can send us demos. Contact us at and attach your file or include a link to a streamable track. We'll listen to every demo, so please give us some time to respond.