Bandcamp Catalogue

Vocallective's entire catalogue (2013-2019) is now available for free! Grab any album from the list or add 124 releases to your Bandcamp collection with one click! Use the "buy digital discography" option to purchase for $0.50 (minimum). Stay safe and enjoy the music :)

Label Hiatus

It is the label's 6th birthday. We have been in continuous activity for a few years now, with new releases almost every month. But things have slowed down in the vocalosphere, haven't they? There seems to be a lack of new material and producers. In order to keep releasing at the highest standards, I think it's time to take a break. Let's wait until 2020 and see if something interesting pops up. I'll keep you guys updated.

The Grand Scale of Things

Here's a fun exercise: if every release (117 so far) represents a symbolic 24 hours of work (often more), that means 2808 hours altogether. Adding however many more from NATA and administration, the sum total is some 3000-4000 hours put into Vocallective. The grand scale of things is impressive; the word "monument" comes to mind.

Demo Submissions

You can send us demos. Contact us at and attach your file or include a link to a streamable track. We'll listen to every demo, so please give us some time to respond.