Groupees Bundle

This music bundle contains several albums and singles from our catalogue, as well as a IA plushie for the highest donation! Simply go to Groupees and buy it there. Thanks for your support! Note: this offer is limited to the next 2 weeks.

Full Discography

From now until Christmas, grab every release on our label + Nata for $85.75, only on Bandcamp.

The Grand Scale of Things

Here's a fun exercise: if every release (117 so far) represents a symbolic 24 hours of work (often more), that means 2808 hours altogether. Adding however many more from NATA and administration, the sum total is some 3000-4000 hours put into Vocallective. The grand scale of things is impressive; the word "monument" comes to mind!


Demo Submissions

You can send us demos. Contact us at and attach your file or include a link to a streamable track. We'll listen to every demo, so please give us some time to respond.


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