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Xinon - hoshikuzu

Now this is a guy I know from my chiptune expeditions. Sometimes he'll use Vocaloid, and this album is the case. You gotta listen to Can't Say To You. Vocaloid or not, check him out.

EmpathP feat. Megurine Luka - Pinwheel

Gatling Tune: Vocaloid Parade

Today I received an e-mail from Haruo Kato, manager of Gatling Tune, a Vocaloid music label from Japan. They recently put out an album with 36 tracks of all sorts of Miku goodness and would like you guys to check them out:
I really liked what I heard from the crossfade.

AdyS feat. GUMI Eng - Those Fragments

Jeric Rocamora feat. Miku English - F***ed Up

nostraightanswer - iNFeCTioN (nostraightanswer remix)


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