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NATA Alter/Ego

Vocallective and Plogue are now making a new Alter/Ego (voice synthesizer) called NATA. This also marks the beginning of Vocallective Soft, our software wing for this and hopefully more programs.

Join us as we reveal more things about NATA, if not here, then on this thread, this site or Twitter. Thank you.

Vocallective Grab Bag

Vocallective's entire catalogue is now available for 59,40$, the price of a regular cat planet! Included are 60 releases (albums, EPs and singles) at a 40% discount. It's a great way to complete your collection or introduce somebody to the western Vocaloid scene while also supporting us (and thank you very much if you do!).

Second link on this page: http://store.vocallective.net/album/vocallective-sampler-3

PO Box Experiment

I'm getting a PO Box for Vocallective. First off, I've never had one and I want to try it. Second, it's half-off during the second semester of the year. Now, this is mostly a temporary experiment, as our members are located worldwide. It's probably not too reliable in the long term, as I might have to re-send each package to whatever member it's intended to (unless it's for me). If the re-shipping costs are reasonable, I can pony up, if not I'll allocate a slice of our earnings for this thing.

Push comes to shove: we just don't renew the PO Box. You're probably not gonna send anything, I'm aware of this. But like I said, I'm kinda itching to try it.

The address is in our info page.

Second Anniversary

Hello guys, I don't have a lot of time today but I'll say a couple of things anyways, like happy birthday! What's the best way to express gratitude in text form? Because I'd like to do that here. Since last year, we have been growing exponentially. We went from release 18 to 53... I don't remember how many members we had at that point but look at our current team. With songs and art and bees and things coming out frequently, gaijinPs are ballin out of control. Thanks to your support, we can do commissions, merch, buy music equipment, etc. Not to mention the sharing and streaming on various channels. Do we have a thing going on here? I think we might.


USA Cons

Our CDs will be available for purchase at various USA anime cons from now on, thanks to Aki. She'll be at Tora-con and Shikacon soon and many others will follow, so if you're heading to one of such events, keep that mind. Follow @AkiGlancy on Twitter to know where she's going next.

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Demo Submissions

You can send us demos. Contact us at demo@vocallective.net and attach your file or include a link to a streamable track. We'll listen to every demo, so please allow us some time to give you some feedback.


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